Clearing the past

When did you first feel the emotion you described in the problem-identifying exercise? Where were you, and who else was present? What was the weather like, and what were you wearing? Could you smell anything? What did you hear? Did you hold anything in your hands? 

Visualize going back to your child self and telling them you came from their future, and everything will be alright. Tell them you are big now; you can handle things and protect him well. Hug them, kiss them and tell them the words they want to hear to calm down. Take a photo of you two hugging and smiling and place it in your heart.

Come back to the present time and feel the floor below your feet and realize you are here and now.  

Think about it:
  • What negative beliefs may originate from your past feelings? (e.g. I can’t do anything; Nobody loves me; Others are more important than me; etc.) 
  • Transform them for the opposite (I can do it; Everybody loves me; I am as important as the others, etc.). Keep repeating these affirmations in the coming weeks.
  • What similarities can you discover between the past and the present?

Write your findings in your notebook.