Clearing the present

Focus on your priority negative emotion from the problem Identifying exercise and find a synonym in Hawkins’s chart in the “Emotion” column, probably under level 200. Take a glance at the horizontal neighbours of the word. The God-view column tells you how you see other people, the Life-view column describes how you see the world in general. Finally, the last column reveals your typical behaviour under stress. How can you identify with them? 

Go to level 200. With your priority goal in mind, say aloud and write down the following sentences: God and the world permit that I [your goal]. [your goal] is feasible. [your goal] is affirmed. I am empowered to [your goal].

Put your note on the mirror/fridge/wall and keep repeating them aloud 3 times a day for three weeks. In three months, come back to them and check your progress.

Write your experiences in your notebook.