Future infusion

Visualize yourself in three months. Create the best picture you can. See yourself and your circumstances in the best shape. If you still feel missing something, give it to yourself mentally. You don’t need to be “rational”; the point is you feel you have reached your goal and feel completely good. 

Where are you? What’s the weather like? Temperature? How are you dressed? Any smell or noises? What’s in your hand? Is there anybody with you? What else can you supplement this picture with to feel even better?

Where in your body do you sense this good feeling? Head? Torso? Limbs? Flow the good feeling all over your body and fill the space around it. Find a symbol that reflects this state of mind. Mentally, place this symbol in your heart. Take a deep breath and return to the present. Move your feet and hands, stretch and realize you are here and now.

Describe your above experiences as if telling your story to a friend.