How affirmations refine your line and how complaining kills

“THE THOUGHTS WE THINK, THE WORDS WE SPEAK CONSTANTLY SHAPE OUR WORLD.” – says Louis Hay. Her work promoting positive affirmations and so changing our inner speech have impacted thousands of lives worldwide. Not only her healed and happy followers testify it but science has also verified her views.

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Are you breathless?

At around Easter this year, I felt rather down. Then, out of the blue, Louis Hay popped into my mind. So I googled her, and just for fun, I started to listen to one of her you-tube records. After a couple of minutes, a well-known but long ago forgotten quiet peace started to flood my mind and body. Then I remembered that the spring of 1995 brought me her first book. I was 28, a good teacher of English, a village girl in a big city who were brought up thinking if one’s ill, a doctor will cure them. But this book was a revelation for me. Every word I read in it resonated with something inside me, and I knew without any doubt that what I was reading was absolutely true. Louis’s writing woke up something in me, and I turned to be a better and happier version of myself. I felt as if a door opened for me that led to another entrance, which led to another door, another door and so on. It was a calling that turned my career in a different direction, the fruits you are witnessing right now. 

So, coming back to this Easter, I couldn’t stop listening to her affirmations and started another recording and keep listening to them ever since. 


I recommend you complete an experiment:

For 30 days in a row, listen to recording one and two, one in the morning and the other before going to bed.

Check your goal at the beginning.

If you want to measure your changes in numbers, fill the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Test every week.

After 30 days, recheck your goal. What improvement have you made?

If you want to see real miracles, continue listening to the affirmations for 3-4 months or longer. (You may be interested in different recordings of Louis Hay; go ahead! 🙂 The unexpected opportunities, encounters, ideas came for me in the fourth month. Like this online course 🙂