Money blocks

Which of the sentence pairs sounds familiar? Put a tick next to it. When finished, choose a priority and clear it as suggested in the second course (DIG DEEPER AND COACH OTHERS).

1. I shape my life.
Life happens to me.
2. I play to win.
I play so I don’t lose.
3. I am committed to wealth.
I want to be rich.
4. I think big.
I’m thinking small.
5. I focus on the possibilities.
I focus on the obstacles.
6. I appreciate rich and successful people.
The rich and successful are dishonest.
7. I like the company of positive, successful people.
I hang around with negative, unsuccessful people.
8. I am ready to manage and advertise myself.
Self-management is embarrassing.
9. I am bigger than my problems.
My problems are bigger than me.
10. Receiving is not a problem for me.
I have a hard time receiving.
11. I expect compensation based on my results.
I expect compensation based on my time.
12. I am thinking of the “yes-yes” principle.
I am thinking of the “either-or” principle.
13. My wealth is important.
My income from work is important.
14. I handle my money well.
I don’t manage my money. well/at all
15. My money works for me.
I work for money.
16. I act even when I am afraid.
Fear stops me from acting.
17. I am constantly learning and improving.
I already know everything.
Resource: EH T.Harv: Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind
“Money only amplifies the traits that one has anyway. The stingy will be even more stingy, the kind will be even more kind, the wicked become even more wicked, the generous will be even more generous with money.” (T. Harv Eker)