Latin word, meaning: detachment, detachment. something detaches from something.

It differs from the notion known as “repression” in psychotherapy in that it not only brings to the surface of the consciousness the problem hidden in the subconscious, because it is not enough, since the associated emotional charge with which this part of the self affects life does not disappear.

When we personify this part of the self during the constellation, we are able to see it, we can communicate with it, and we have the opportunity to act.

Example: The child was premature and placed in an incubator. She was subjected to unpleasant and painful examinations, alone, without the maternal embrace that provided familiar security. Even in the present, he is insecure, independent, afraid of everything and everyone. As a result of unbearable emotional pain, this part of the self detaches, does not grow up, while the rest of the personality develops properly. The task is to go back to it, reassure it and integrate it with the other parts of the self. Either the adult self and the child self in the incubator are integrated, or we involve the mother as well – as the field desires.