Woman and Man

(Based on the views of Wilfred Nelles)

LIFE COMPLETES IN A RELATIONSHIP. Our soul basically focuses on this.
A relationship is established between a man and a woman, between masculinity and femininity, which can only be healthy if the couple has male and female qualities (strength, love, wisdom) mediated by the male branch and the female branch. fully accepted by male and female members.
The man thus receives the manpower most directly from his own father and from the father of his father and mother (or, in the relationship, from the father of his partner).
The woman receives the female power from her mother or from her father, her mother’s mother, (and in the relationship from her partner’s mother).
However, we must not forget that the child is his parents, his own mother and father at the same time, and we must also emphasize that the parent can only give, he will give. The male or female force gets stuck when the child does not know, is unable, is not willing to accept it. Clarifying these issues is the focus of this program.


Masculinity is aggressive and aspiring, which means looking forward and not backward (derived from the Latin word “aggredi,” which means moving forward, attacking, undertaking).
Its purpose is to create life. Natural aggression has nothing to do with anger, anger, or violence. It is not directed against someone, but stands / stands, fights for something, for something.
But it can still be a threat to men and women alike. Because life wants to live anyway, sometimes it is born even at the cost of death. He loses his fear when we realize that by ascending / accepting, we are ascending, whatever happens.
In family formation, it is often the case that women’s sexuality has been traumatized for generations because they have long since died in childbirth or its consequences. These women may get the impression that this is the sin of the male instinct. The man kills.
Masculinity is not a toy. The phallus is nothing more than a symbol of war, many weapons resemble it. The man’s phallus is a weapon. He gets up, pushes forward, and as if to say, I’m penetrating, I’m conquering. It is forced to penetrate and conquer, otherwise it loses the purpose of its existence. And as it penetrates, it causes injury. He pushes and fires with a small explosion.
The solution is always given by respect for man and masculinity, masculine power.
Masculine aggression is thus a natural force that allows life to develop and reproduce. It will be harmful if it is not channeled into the right channel, or if it is seen as scary, destructive, if it is belittled, if it is nurtured by hostile emotions, if it is feared, or if one is not reconciled to one’s own male part.
PRACTICE: Bowing in front of your male self
Face a representative of your “male self” – eye contact – say, “I realize to myself that you are not the same as any of the men who have ever hurt me.” – tilt your head to your chest.

He has a great ability: he absorbs masculine power, soothes it in a wonderful way, and then transforms it into pleasure and life.
Femininity works or is fulfilled when it opens up to masculinity and devotes itself. If the woman does not resist the intruding man but openly accepts them, the man’s original aggression is transformed into pure force, which also awakens the woman’s strength and unites man and woman in a happy fusion.
Not only fertilization but also female orgasm is passive and inward spreading, so devotion, relaxation and inclusion are prerequisites. Opening her body and surrendering herself also means connecting to the man’s heart. If you welcome male power, you will fertilize the conquered territory.
Both man and woman are part of a higher power, and in this service they assume their own destiny.
PRACTICE: purpose: to be able to surrender ourselves to our relationship, to our husband, to our femininity:
• set up mother, husband’s mother – bow before them
• bow to masculinity / masculinity (it can also symbolize death) – if you don’t know: was there a death related to childbirth or sexuality?
• Lean your head on your husband’s shoulder