Identify your soul personality type

Use the following questionnaire to find out which archetype represents your essential self. Read the statements for each number. Your Role is explored by the category from which you agree with most of the statements. If nearly the same number of sentences sound familiar at certain points, that could be your secondary role.

Read the statements for each number and tick the ones you agree with. Your role is revealed by the category of which you agree with most of the statements. If nearly the same number of sentences sound familiar at each point, it could be your secondary role.


• I enjoy working behind the scenes, making sure everything goes smoothly.

• Taking care of others inspires me most.

• Sometimes, I get stuck in the role of caregiver.

• I like to arrange things from the background to make others happy.

• I often do unnoticed favors.

• I like to take care of others, to create their comfort.

• I would make a perfect husband/wife.


• I often feel compelled to tell others what is best for them.

• My spiritual journey is more important to me than my relationships and material needs.

• Sometimes, I fanatically try to steer others on the right path.

• I feel responsible for the spiritual guidance of my “flock,” even though I am not a priest.

• I have a natural ability to see where others are stuck and feel the urge to save them from themselves.

• Compassion is the force that determines my relationship with the world.

• My friends find me inspiring, though I don’t know why.


• Inventing, re-inventing things and transforming things motivates me most.

• I like to influence the mood and what’s going on.

• If I can’t express my innovative/innovative ideas, I become blocked and feel frustrated.

• I am considered an artist who does things in an unusual way.

• It is fascinating to me how different elements form an organic whole.

• I like to create new things from old ones.


• I hate when others misunderstand me.

• I often correct the (spoken or written) words of others.

• I like to be in the spotlight in secret (or not in secret), and I feel good when they notice me.

• I have a little voice in my head that almost never goes silent.

• Others consider me witty with a good sense of humor.

• No one can hide the truth from me. If there’s any juicy gossip, I need to know the details.


• I like to put things right.

• I don’t mind taking control to achieve good results.

• The only thing that makes me angry is when others attack my principles.

• I focus so much in one direction that I often don’t see the other paths.

• If someone irritates me, the knife will open in my pocket.

• I work quietly but unwaveringly on what I think is right.

• I know I am strong. I always stand up for the weak and the innocent.


• I expect to be appointed as a leader or project manager.

• I like to see through the whole picture, hand out the tasks, and make sure everything is done.

• I won’t stop until I’ve completely mastered/gotten what I want.

• It’s frustrating when something doesn’t work out perfectly at first.

• I am responsible for making sure everything goes smoothly in the situations I am involved in.

• If something goes wrong/does not go well, I take responsibility.

• I am only interested in first-class experiences.


• I was born curious; I like to study what interests me.

• Others consider me objective; I am a good mediator/conciliator.

• I eagerly absorb knowledge.

• I don’t like important information to be missed.

• Others value my opinion because they know that I take all points of view objectively and fairly.

• I feel an inner compulsion to gain (even risky) experience to gain knowledge.

• I go around the topic thoroughly before making a decision.

(1: Server, 2: Priest, 3: Artisan, 4: Sage, 5: Warrior, 6: King, 7: Scholar)


It fills you with satisfaction when you can take care of others. You are usually a friendly, direct and humble person. Others love you. You inspire them by being willing to keep their needs in mind as much as your own. You control very skillfully from the background. For example, you can easily make others believe that organizing a multi-person dinner is child’s play. You feel best in face-to-face relationships; never forget the needs of your loved ones while trying to help the masses. You have an excellent sense of pleasing others, such as offering hot cocoa on a cold day or saving an hour from a busy weekend program to repair your friend’s car.

On the other hand, you tend to set aside your own needs and focus on other people’s agendas. Sometimes your desire to help is intrusive and stifling.

It would help if you took care of yourself first; otherwise, you will be too exhausted to benefit anyone in anything. Also, keep in mind that you deserve respect and appreciate yourself for your selflessness and inspiring influence. Service providers are the cohesive fabric of society.

The service providers: caregivers, helpers, healers, caregivers.


You have a unique ability to see where others are stuck in their progress. You are an inspiring, motivating, committed person, attractive as a magnet. You feel intense compassion for humanity, and you cannot bear to see others deviating from the path assigned to them. When you need to discuss personal difficulties, you always find the voice: gently but firmly steer the others toward more elevated experiences.

Most Priests like the congregation of a large number of souls who expect spiritual guidance from them. Even shameful, quieter Priests feel urged to do something for the world. However, be careful not to trample on others while trying to save them or the world – even if you act in their best interests. Your friends don’t like you trying to transform their lives.

The Priest’ role is so unique that there are not too many of them; They count for only about 5% of the population. As a result, the world needs far fewer shepherds than there are parts of the flock.

Today, the number of traditional and orthodox religion followers has declined. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for non-traditional leaders, which leads to an increase in the number of Priests.

Priests: preachers, pastors, inspiring people.


The environment very powerfully influences the Artisan, that they know very well. However, wherever you are, you determine the mood: when you’re cheerful, everyone cheers up at the party; if you’re sad, everyone’s mood sits down, even if you’re selling parsley and think no one notices. You are a creative, innovative, forward-thinking person who usually takes a step ahead of others. You have an extraordinary artistic sense, and you have your own style. Whether you use it or not, you have significant artistic talent and are interested in art.

On the other hand, you tend to live in a dream world you have created, deceiving yourself into perceiving it as reality. As a result, it can be difficult for you to cope with the material world. In extreme cases, you can break away from reality so much that you forget who you really are.

Remember: the truths of life are simple and not complicated. If you simplify things, you will feel more secure, and you will not see the universe as a great chaotic mess. You need to build a bridge between your distant visions and accept the reality of others; otherwise, you will become isolated from everyone.

The Creators: artists, innovators, trendsetters, inventors, eccentrics.


The Sage’s job is to learn all that is important and then communicate that knowledge to as many people as possible – through a channel of humor and entertainment. You are a light, wise, easy to understand person. It’s hard for you to grow up and lose the charm of childhood. Having excellent verbal skills, you communicate well; besides, you are a great performer, a fascinating comedian. Most Sage like to be the center of attention, the “engine” of the party.

On the other hand, you risk being too loud, loud, tasteless, or childish if you’re not considerate enough. In your eloquence, you can wear the other’s ears.

Avoid rumors of scandals that aren’t far away from you anyway. Juicy stories always grab your attention, but if you spread them, you can commit defamation. On the other hand, you do good to your students by just telling the point on occasion.

Many Sage men are involved in the entertainment industry and the media, especially in movies, radio, television.

The Sages: communicators, entertainers, teachers, pranksters.


The Warrior’s job is to protect society. You are a productive, well-organized person, blessed with great persuasiveness, who is always ready to protect the less fortunate. You have a talent for business, you appear conservative in monetary matters, and others see you as a strong competitor. However, your hard look covers a soft-hearted person. Your focus is on individual people, you’re an excellent strategist, and you’re the one who “does what needs to be done”. You are also prone to patriotism.

On the other hand, you may have an aggressive, contentious tendency. In difficult situations, you are the driving force, but you can forget about your own interests in the meantime. You may be prone to rigidity if the rules require it.

Remind yourself that you need to keep the bigger picture in mind and broaden your vision. You may seem scary and intimidating, so be gentle, kind. Rather convince and not force.

The Warriors: strategists, lawyers, organizers, people in business. “Rocks”.


The King is a natural-born leader. Possibly, your posture is royal, and you evoke loyalty from others. You cannot get satisfied until you have perfectly mastered what you have begun. You can see through the bigger picture very well, and you are great at managing big projects. Delegating jobs, choosing the right person for the right task is easy for you, and you also have the charisma to get others to collaborate. If you are in a good mood, you are selfless and generous with your loyal followers. You feel responsible for their well-being and do everything you can to ensure no reason to complain. You take all the responsibility.

But on your worse days, you can or do act like a mad tyrant. You have a solid tendency to maximalism, and you impose your strict standards on others. Remember: if you are more permissive with yourself and your “servants,” you can control and lead more effectively. You certainly don’t want to incite rebellion.

The Kings: experts, masters, leaders, “commanders”.


The Scholar is a natural-born observer, an arbitrator, a philosopher. With your neutral, impartial vision, you can accurately perceive every aspect of a given issue. Blessed with great curiosity, you are a born scientist who is willing even to take risks to satisfy your thirst for knowledge. You love experimenting with things to find out, “what happens when. . .”.

These qualities make you an excellent scientist if you want to. In addition, you usually love books and are happy to take notes when learning something new. Of all the roles, yours is the most varied/eclectic: you often pursue more occupations besides many hobbies. In addition, you have visionary abilities, good judgment, and a desire for adventure.

However, on the other hand, you can even blend in to the wall to maintain your neutral position. You are often so busy processing the events around you that you fail to share your vast knowledge with others, and you can seem like a boring company. Thus, the term “crazy professor” was coined about you.

Pay attention to your excessive tendency to intellectualize. Making theories is not the same as being informed. You would have a lot more pleasure if you were more active and let others notice you.

Although found in all sections of the population, Scholars tend to gather in academic settings, e.g. universities, scientific projects, libraries, but they can be discovered among people in any occupation.

Scientists: students, philosophers, adventurers, anthropologists.

/ Source: Michael’s Educational Foundation/