SMART goals

Finding our goal is not always a one-step process; neither is reaching it. To figure out what we really want, the first step is to define our real problem and determine how it can be solved as we did it in the previous workshop: LOVING AND LOVABLE. Only after that, will our genuine goal, our heart’s true desire reveal from behind the scenes. The more precisely you determine your goal, the better your chances are of attaining them. A carefully elaborated goal will meet these criteria:






Read this article, answer the questions about your goal:

To gain the most benefit from this program, please, answer the following questions: 

1. What is the most important condition/issue/question in your life right now?

2. The second one?

3. The third one?

4.-17. Write down fourteen more (altogether seventeen) and the priority usually is the one that triggers the most emotions (positively or negatively).

The priority of the 17:

Now, you have your SMART goal either on paper or on your computer. If it is on paper, decorate it nicely, if on the computer, make an attractive design and print it. In both cases, stick it on your wall so you can sense it even when you do not pay conscious attention.