Sickening dynamics

• PENANCE FOR A SIN • The disease may also represent a denied person.
• Excluded family member
• Excluded homeland
• Boys who despise their father, girls who despise their mother
• Uncommitted sin (someone is punished, eg feels in prison; schizophrenia: identifies with both the victim and the perpetrator)
• Distant parents, foster parents
• Lack of parental respect
• He wants to go after someone: “I am following you”; solution: “You are already dead, I will live for a while, and then I will die.”
• The child would take on the illness to save the parent (or husband, wife, or brother to brother): “Even if you go, I will stay.”
• Desire to be punished
• Workplace

4. DISEASES AND PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS (common causes, non-regularities):
• anorexia: More me than you; solution: “I’ll stay.”
• bulimia: I want to disappear; or: the mother conveys to the child that what he receives from the father is worth nothing, it must be accepted only from him; solution: imagine that you sit on your father’s lap, he feeds you with a small spoon, and say, “Dad, I like it too.”
• hyperactivity: you want to make parents stay
• addiction: often non-acceptance by the father; avoiding something (e.g., guilt)
• asthma and allergies: unable to accept your parent
• obesity: would go and stay; “I’ll stay.” (it is worth exploring who is overweight).
• skin disease: the parent needs the blessing of the previous partner
• depression: underestimation of parents
• psychoses: identification of the opposite sex (e.g., dead brother, parent’s former partner, unborn twin, psychotic family member, etc.) “I give you respect. Out of respect for your memory, I will make my life beautiful. ”
• heart disease: repressed love
• malaise: repressed emotions, hurtful words
• back pain: we don’t give respect to someone; solution: bending (most often in front of mother / father).
• headache: congested love; solution: exhale, friendly gaze, palms facing outwards, we imagine that love flows from it.
• cancer: you want to go after someone
Source: Wilfred Nelles: The Healing Reality;
Thomas Schaffer: Healing Children with Family Setting)

Disease claim: we choose a representative for:
• the illness
• virus
• bacteria
• mushrooms
• heavy metals, poisons
• vaccination
• infection
• a matter of personality (kinesiologist or psychologist help is also needed)
• family reasons
• geopaology
• field energy
• other

If we want to find the “devil”, we must first look for the angels. The cruel often pretend to be pious. When the “devil” comes into action, he usually does so in the form of a “good man” or a “poor, unfortunate”.
(B. Hellinger)